How to Become Overwhelmed by Too Much Writing Advice

It starts by staring at your blank page, or at your daily task list, or at your calendar with its inalterable deadline, and acknowledging that you have absolutely no motivation to dig in and git’er done. So to the Google you go, in search of listicles and how-tos and productivity hacks that you hope will... Continue Reading →

Why Inspiration is a Road Block to Finishing Your Novel

I was going to write a post about inspiration today. It was going to be full of tips from top writers about how they find inspiration for their work, and suggestions for how you can keep yours as you complete your work in progress. After doing a whole bunch of research, and coming across tons... Continue Reading →

Are Writers Inherent Procrastinators?

I never procrastinate. Said no writer ever. We’re an unusual bunch, we writers, aren’t we? We’re highly creative and driven to succeed. We can turn a raw idea into a glorious paragraph of literary genius as magically as Rumpelstiltskin turns straw into gold. We create worlds, build cities, meddle with relationships and play God with... Continue Reading →

Facing Self-Doubt as an Author

“I don’t believe anyone ever suspects how completely unsure I am of my work and myself and what tortures of self-doubting the doubt of others has always given me.” It may surprise you to learn that this quote is from none other than Thomas “Tennessee” Lanier Williams the 3rd, one of the most celebrated playwrites... Continue Reading →

5 Novels that Inspire Me as a Writer

No matter what our genre, we authors - traditionally published, self-published and aspiring - can agree to one absolute truth: All writers are readers first and foremost! We scribblers are influenced heavily by what we read. Some books make a positive impression, some a negative one. Then there are some that have made such a lasting impression... Continue Reading →

Using Personal Loss to Write Grief

“I loved that book. I really felt like I could not relate to the characters one bit.” Said no one ever. Writing real characters is an essential feature of a story that moves readers and pulls at their heart strings. Yet it’s one of the most misunderstood elements of fiction. Ranking right up there with... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Funny for Writers

A quick humorous post for this lovely Tuesday to brighten your day. I know this is supposed to be just a funny meme ... but this is seriously my new favourite writing tip! It really works 🙂 Cheers, Veronica  

The Art of the Slow Burn

In an earlier post, I wrote about the value of the underdog. I talked about the fact that, in so many romance novels, the hero and heroine are both unbelievably attractive, and are both unbelievably attracted to each other within the first few chapters (keyword here is unbelievable). Too often this leads to a boring... Continue Reading →

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