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Image result for lonelyWell, here we are in a new year. I’ve learned lots of lessons in 2016, and I hope to carry them forward to make 2017 the best year yet. The best part of last year was, by far, the unprecedented response I’ve had to the release of my latest novel, The Ghosts of Tullybrae House. Thank you to everyone for your support. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me.

If you’ve read any of my interviews, you’ll know that I do read the reviews that readers leave on my books. Some authors will suggest that you shouldn’t do this. It’s best, they’ll tell you, not to dwell on what someone said, but rather to look to the future and continue writing. For me, taking the time to consider and evaluate what my readers are saying about my work gives me a chance to gain insight on what I might improve on. After all, every review is a chance to learn. And I’m not just talking about the negative or critical ones. I mean the positive ones, too. Continue reading

m-brooklynThis weekend I was all set to write a book review for my next blog post. I had one drafted, I’d given it a lot of thought, and then on Saturday night I found myself with a rare stretch of time and no pressing tasks or engagements. Now what, one might wonder, does Veronica do when she’s got time to herself? Well, I should be writing, buuut … nah. Movie night! And I’ve been dying to see Brooklyn. Continue reading

altHD-Wallpapers-by-techblogstop-4-1024x640If you read one of my more recent posts, When It’s Time to Make those Tough Decisions, you may recall that I have recently taken a hard look at what I’ve been spending my writing time doing, and had concluded that I need to cut a whole bunch of starchy, superfluous “stuff” from my plate. Translation: I dove too deep into the freelance content writing. I was good at it, sure. But I dreaded doing it as much as I dread going for blood work (or some equally distasteful activity … like bone re-setting or dental surgery). Because so much of my time was focused on content writing, I was not spending enough time on my books and my blog. Continue reading

downloadI have my fellow Boroughs Publishing Group authors to thank for this post. As a member of the Boroughs Author Group private Facebook page, I got to listen in on a debate that was raging about the value of Twitter for authors.

The original post which sparked this lively debate wondered why only followers who had been followed back were retained. It also questioned whether Twitter was an effective sales tool. It’s a common misconception, one that I see far too often, unfortunately. It hurt my heart to think that my fellow authors were having difficulty with Twitter because they weren’t using it in the most effective way. Moreover, that they could be using it very effectively if they only changed their mindset about what it is and how it’s valuable.

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11224228_566228346853195_3182921007723976945_nIt is with immense pride that I announce my latest book, The Ghosts of Tullybrae House, is now available for pre-order and scheduled for release June 1, 2016.

This book has been a challenging project for me. It is a slight departure from my normal Highland historical romance. It’s been a labour of love and has taken a lot of soul-searching to write. In the end, I’m so very pleased with how it has turned out.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And as always, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Reserve your copy of The Ghosts of Tullybrae House here.

Read an excerpt from The Ghosts of Tullybrae House.

listAh, the listicle. Do a Google search on how to increase your blog traffic, and chances are you’ll see listicles that advocate “Write your blog post as a listicle.” It’s true, listicles generally increase blog traffic. They’re not called click bait for nothing, after all. But as an author, mass traffic to your blog is not necessarily the reason you’re blogging. And because that’s so, the listicle is probably not going to be of much help to you in the long run.

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Featured ImageHave you ever had so much on your plate, so much to do and so much you want to do, that you’re overwhelmed to the point of paralysis?

I never thought that would be me, but there it is—the explanation for why I’ve practically dropped off the face of the earth … or at least the digital version of the earth.

I’m a writer and a content marketer. I have tons of tips, tricks, advice and experience when it comes to cranking out manuscripts, articles, and being generally productive and prolific. So imagine my surprise when I realized that I’ve fallen victim to that dreaded Bitten-Off-More-Than-I-Can-Chew syndrome! Continue reading

coffeeIf you were to put the question to the general writing community of whether you should be guest blogging or not, you are likely to get some very strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum. I certainly did. In a previous post, What to Do When You Just Can’t Get a Review, the comments I received from my blog readers were overwhelmingly in agreement that you should be guest posting. However, when I made the same suggestion to a few influential local bloggers in my sphere of acquaintanceship, their resounding response was “Oh, gawd no! That’s horrible for SEO!” Continue reading